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Your Goals – What Do You Want To Achieve In Poker?

The goal is the most important thing in the life of every person and it is these goals that determine our behavior, both at the poker table and in everyday life. So, the stronger the goal is, the correspondingly more intense the energy will be, which is aimed primarily at optimizing the game aspect. In turn, after reaching the set goal, you can set new ones, which, in turn, will only refresh the game, significantly increase motivation, maintain energy levels and allow you to enjoy the results.

Of course, we all started somewhere and our goals are not always perfect from the very beginning. However, in case you still don’t know what you want to achieve in poker, what tools you need and how to measure progress correctly, it is likely that overload will become an insurmountable stumbling block in front of you. Let’s try to figure out how to set your goal in poker.

What Do You Want In The End?

It is impossible to mark a goal if you do not have an end, clearly marked point. This is quite logical, because how exactly will you be able to determine whether the goal has been achieved or not? Yes, of course, if the goal you set has some material result, it will not be so difficult to realize it, but how to realize the goal, say, to overcome tilt?

So, in order to achieve a quality or procedural goal (they were indicated above), you will need to be as clear as possible with the end point at the moment when you set yourself the notorious goal. So, going back to the tilt example, let us designate that it will be overcome at the moment when you have experienced several serious downswigs without making any mistakes related to anger. Thus, having formed several clear, tangible goals for yourself, you can see where you are going and enjoy the results that have been obtained.


The player needs to clearly define their own goal in order to ultimately make it easier to assess the process you have already achieved. For example, if you are not focusing on the ultimate goal, but want to come to some process (for example, to increase concentration while playing), write on paper, why is it so important to you?

After the next skating rink, you will thus be able to check the correctness of your direction and understand whether you have achieved the desired progress? Distractions, in particular, play an important role in the quality of the game – determine what exactly prevents you from concentrating and how often it happens.

Increase The Number Of Targets

In this case, everything is simple enough – you need to be sure that you will reach your minimum goal on the way to the maximum goal, which, in turn, pushes you to work harder. Thus, having achieved the first goal, you will get some self-satisfaction and results, but you will have something to work on that day. And even if your schedule goes wrong for one reason or another, a high goal will save you from potential disappointments due to unfulfilled work.

How To Properly Realize Your Goal?

Do not forget that in the thorny world of poker, moving towards a goal, you will encounter a huge number of decisions – they, in turn, either lead to the final goal, or lead away from it.

Despite the fact that efficiency will not always be at its best or will become absolutely perfect, you should not give up and keep working towards minimizing the number of mistakes. If one day you realize the difficulty of making truly competent decisions, this will speak, first of all, either that at this stage it is not possible to reach the goal, or your level of training leaves much to be desired.

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